Not long time ago there appeared a new definition in legislation, called “Unit of qualified investors”. Members of this unit are well-educated and experienced enough to appreciate risk level, which is connected with capital investment. In the context of asset management, the clients are given possibility to invest in securities, meant exclusively to qualified investors..

Peter Trust offers a new investment opportunity associated with investments in sport infrastructure premises. The real advantages of this project are: long-term investment horizon of 2-3 years and competitive rate of return, which is higher than the rate of return for corporate investments.
From our point of view, investments into sport infrastructure of St. Petersburg are attractive, it is so also thanks to support from side of the State on the local and federal levels, which is consistently implemented by the city government, taking and confirming a long-term target «Program of development of physical culture and sports in St. Petersburg in 2010-2014″.
Partnership with the state is one of the keys to success of these investments. This way we intend to use the best and safest subject of investments, which is units of real-estate closed-end investment fund (ZPIFN).
ZPIF — is a property complex, which consists of rights of property, objects of real estate and other shareholders’ property. It is organized by a Management Company (MK), licensed by FSFR (The Federal Financial Markets Service – FFMS), where to pay for the units investors deliver cash or real estate. Investments in real estate through ZPIFN are more preferable due to a number of fundamental circumstances that make investments in real estate via buying units, liquid, secure and costeffective tool. Investments in real estate using tools of ZPIF – are the fastest growing sector, as can be judged from the positive dynamics of the management of this type of funds.

Advantages of this method of investments are:
· Guarantee of investments task-orienting, which is provided thanks to investment declaration. This declaration establishes the way the activity is to be done.
· All the investment profit aren’t subjected to the tax (it happens because ZPIFN is not legal
· The profit is guaranteed and is payed annually
· The shares are liquid and can be sold or bought on the secondary financial market
· Risk reduction is also made thanks to implication in the fund’s shares structure different kinds of other shares, currency and other assets.

This way lowing in price of one group of assets is balanced with rising in price of another group of assets. The Federal agency of financial markets controls management company activity for the purpose of Russian legislation observance. Independent special Depositary regulates activity of the management company for the purpose of following the investment declaration while making this or that decision. Independent auditor observes returns of accounting – if it is authentic or not. Independent appraiser states the value of the fund’s assets.
The cost of assets and the price of shares are published in mass media every month, but all the information about shareholders is private. This way Piter Trust offers its clients to invest in shares of the fund ZPIFN.
All the rules of the ZPIFN asset management are registered in Russian Federal agency of financial markets on the 7-th of June, 2012. On the 18-th of September Federal agency finished fund’s formation.
*Piter Trust helps its clients to get the status of qualified investor in case they satisfy all the