Our main purpose in asset management is to provide consistent and constant value raising of client assets, regardless market behavior. Financial markets are naturally unstable, but the volatility, uncertainty and risks may provide additional opportunities to gain profit.
Our investment managers are aimed at getting stable rate of return with a level higher than riskfree level at any market behavior. We achieve this goal thanks to freedom in choice of investment object and the time of decision-making. We also have fresh and contemporary investment ideas

and deal in those segments of Russian and Foreign stock exchanges, which are the very profitable potentially. Among those segments currency, bonds, shares, exchange products. We control risk level by means of using derivatives, futures, call and put options, even in case financial market recedes.
Some of our features of the investment strategies we use are the following:
• flexibility of investment strategy;
• usage of all available market tools;
• focus on the absolute rate of return regardless market trend;
• managers’ salary dependence on financial results.
We believe that the key factor to carry out this strategy is client’s trust.
We claim that we can consistently gain profit in changing conditions by means of using active management and ALL available tools and methods.

The company has justified the trust of our clients during the crisis of 2008-2009. During this
period we didn’t incurred losses and what is more, we succeeded in increasing the value of assets we manage.